Spray Tanning – Preparation and Maintenance Naturally

 The use and demand of spray tanning has grown dramatically over the past few years.  Now  more than ever, spas and skin care clinics are offering in house spray tanning services as a natural alternative to direct long term sun exposure. With this growing demand and use of spray tans it’s important to incorporate natural skin care products before and after the spray tan to help provide maximum long term results while helping to keep skin in good condition.

Tip 1:  Our #1 tip for home care and for spas, is to use a natural based exfoliant before the spray tan.  The exfoliation product is used to slough of the layer of dry/dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow, introduce specific minerals and nutrients into the skin and will help to create a balanced skin tone/texture which is ideal to achieve a more even tan all over.  Use of a natural gentle exfoliation helps to prepare the skin for a more evenly balanced tan.

 Select an exfoliant where the grains used are gentle and not aggravating and one that incorporates key ingredients such as natural plant oils, essential oils, nutrient rich raw super foods such as seaweed, and anti-oxidants.  The exfoliant is used before the spray tan and can also be used at home in between tanning sessions.

 Tip 2: Well hydrated and moisturized skin is a key tip to helping achieve and maintain a natural looking tan. Utilizing a natural based body cream, or gel moisturizer containing rich butters, anti-oxidants, and nutrient rich ingredients such as seaweed and vitamins at home  will help keep skin well nourished in between tanning sessions.

 Tip 3:    Address signs of age to help showcase your best tan.  In addition to a quality body and facial cream, the skin requires a more advanced treatment 2 to 3 times a week at a spa or at home to provide a deeper level of hydration while helping to address signs of age on the skin.  Advanced serums for face and body, or spot treatment hydration masks containing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed, Mineral Clays, and pure Essential Oils,  help to treat dehydration, signs of age and visible signs of cellulite from the inside and out!

 Whether you are a spa professional or consumer, incorporating the above tips will help to achieve your best possible tan gently and naturally.

 Marketing Tip for Spas: If you are a spa owner, create a complete tanning care program to offer your clients. Provide this program as a discounted package that includes x number of tans, x number of body exfoliations plus the home care maintenance system that would include the right take home product your clients can use in between tanning sessions.  In addition,  you can include an in spa full body wrap once per month to help further address signs of age and signs of cellulite in between tanning sessions so your clients can look and feel their best this summer season and all year around!

Written by Sherina Jamal

For more information about natural skin care options,  go to the Ask Sherina  page of this blog to send your questions.https://sherinajamal.wordpress.com/about/contact/    Or post your comment below.

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