Sherina’s Bio

The Spa Beauty ExpertAs a developer of natural skin care products for over 10 years and educator in the industry,  my passion is to share factual information including common myths and marketing gimmicks often used in the cosmetic industry which can help others make better choices for their skin care and overall wellbeing. My articles have been published in top spa, health, and beauty magazines and I have been a public speaker at spa, wellness shows and have shared tips on local TV news segments.

Over the years I have worked with and studied many raw indigenous ingredients to create superior skin care formulas and through my posts I’ll share with you some of the benefits of these amazing ingredients and how they can benefit your skin.

A bit more about my background:
After studying biological sciences and chemistry at the university level and taking certification courses in aromatherapy, herbology and Ayurvedic healing, I created two do it yourself recipe handbooks for skin care in the 90’s and I introduced my first ready-made skin care line in 1997.  During that period I became very interested in creating therapeutic spa treatment formulas.  I could see that in the spa community there was a lack of body care product lines that brought more profound results, so I began extensive research and development, working with some of the top cosmetic chemists in BC to learn the specifics of proper manufacturing procedures and processes.   This lead to the launch of the Beauty Through Balance Spa Line.   I was the first to incorporate fresh Canadian indigenous ingredients into advanced spa formulas and since that time I have focused on sourcing other unique indigenous ingredients from all over the world that have shown to offer a range of benefits.  I have expanded the line to include professional and retail products and the line can be found in some of the most well known and reputable spas around the world.

In addition to developing my own line, I have worked with my team of natural product developers over the years to help create advanced natural formulas for other cosmetic companies as part of our private label and custom formulation program.

Along with my published articles and this blog,  I also hold educational seminars and will be launching a new seminar series for both spa professionals and the public at my new training/seminar center in Vancouver by early 2013! more details coming soon

Please feel free to leave your comments on my posts and go to the Ask Sherina link to posts any questions you may have about your skin concerns and I would be happy to provide you some tips.

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