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Natural Solutions for Oily/Greasy Skin!

face2Do you have oily/greasy skin? This skin condition can worsen during the summer months and create issues such as blackheads/whiteheads and acne. this skin type occurs due to an excess of sebum production and it can be a challenge to find products that actually work.

Products on the market designed for this skin type are often harsh and drying to the skin as they contain alcohols and other  ingredients which are made to dry the oil but do not offer gentle corrective care.  In addition to alcohol avoid products that contain Kaolin clay as the main clay . While this is good for absorbing oils from the skin it can also be drying.  Good choices for clays are French Green Clay and Canadian Glacial Clay clay

My tips to help re-balance this skin type without causing irritation or dryness:

1. Use a cleanser free of synthetic detergents such as sulfates.

2. Use a mild skin rebalancer/toner that does not contain alcohol. Look for toners that include ingredients such as; Seaweed, Vitamin C, plant extracts, floral waters and witch hazel.

3. Other ingredients that can be beneficial to re-balance oily/greasy skin: Fruit enzymes to gently dissolve dry/dead skin cells without exfoliation. Hyaluronic acid offering re-hydration. Specific essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, seaweed and mineral clays that are not drying to the skin

4.  If your skin is non-sensitive try a home facial stream once per week using herbs or essential oils such as; tea tree, lavender, rosemary to clear out pores. *remember to use a alcohol free toner after the steaming.

5. Internal Care: Include detoxifying drinks such as warm water with lemon and green tea during the day help to flush out impurities.

Home Remedy to cool,  refresh and re-balance oily skin over the summer:

mix 1 part witch hazel to 2 parts floral water(rose, lavender, or ice cubeschamomile) and a few drops of lavender essential oil or fresh/dried lavender.  If your skin is non-sensitive you can add a squeeze of fresh lemon to the mixture. pour into ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen remove a cube place into a face towel and massage the cube all over the face. Use 1 to 2 times per day.  Alternative method: instead of freezing this mixture pour into a mister bottle and use 1 to 2 times per day (keep refrigerated)

Our solutions for oily/greasy and acne prone skin from Beauty Through Balance:

  • Glacial Purifying Cleanser
  • Glacial revitalizing Toning Mist
  • Hydra Skin Renewal Gel Mask.

available at a spa near  you or on line – contact us for details.

If you have any questions regarding your skin type please post a comment or message me directly.  Thank you.


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