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Do you know what’s lurking in your cosmetics?

With all the information all over the internet about cosmetic chemicals to avoid it can get a bit confusing…

Are parabens really harmful? what is a cosmetic chemical? are preservatives needed?  these are common questions that may come to mind.

Although there are a number of synthetics that should be avoided I’ve come up with a list of some of the key ingredients to stay away from when shopping for skin care/cosmetics. The best approach when trying to make the right decisions, is to ask questions and make sure you know what you’recosmetic chemicals buying.

Stay away from these commonly used cosmetic chemicals in your products:

-Sulfates and derivatives of – these are synthetic detergents
-Synthetic Dyes, Colors, Fragrances 
-Propylene Glycol
 -Lead – commonly found in lipstick 
-Formaldehyde found in certain preservatives
-Chemical Sunscreens – such as Oxybenzone
-Ethyl acetate – used as a solvent in many skin care products & can be found in paint thinner too ! 
-Triclosan – anti-bacterial agent ‘ – used as a preservative 
-Synthetic oils such as mineral oil(derived from petrochemicals)
-Ammonia compounds – such as DEA 
-Stearalkonium chloride – anti-static agent found in hair conditioners
-Synthetic Silicones – used in creams, lotions, serums to give a silky feel 
Do you have a question about cosmetic chemical? post it here or send me a message.


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